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What's the problem with blue light?

The problem is that blue light is unnatural. When we stare at computer screens, our eyes are under constant assault from harmful blue light. Exposure to blue light (also called high energy visible blue light or HEV) for extended periods of time can damage the retina. Aldous eyewear blocks 99% of glare and filter out the highest energy wavelengths 400-450nm.

Why is it important to block blue light?

Because we have not evolved to stare at screens all day. Similar to UV light, blue light is at the high end of the visible spectrum and can, among other things, damage your retina. Exposure to too much blue light can lead to what is commonly referred to as digital eyestrain (DES). Symptoms of DES include: headaches, blurred vision and trouble sleeping.

Where does blue light come from?

Computer, tablets and phones are the most common ways we're exposed to blue light. However, some fluorescent and LED lighting also emit blue light. That's why blue light filtering glasses are helpful for anyone that experiences light sensitivity.

Do bright lights give you headaches?

Blue light filtering glasses can help alleviate headaches by blocking the amount of light entering your eyes. By blocking blue light and reducing glare you'll immediately notice how comfortable and soothing your eyes feel. If not, send them back for a full refund!