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Frequently Asked Questions

What is blue light?

Blue light is the harshest light in the spectrum. Humans did not have to deal with it until recently- and since we’re not going to be giving up our screens anytime soon- it’s best to accept it and protect your eyes.


Why is blue light bad?

It’s everywhere! Computers, tablets, televisions and even some florescent lighting. Too much blue light will often result in headaches, trouble sleeping and even blurred vision.


What if I don’t like my glasses?

No problem! We offer an exchange or return for 45 days after your purchase.


How long will it take to receive them?

You should receive them within 10 business days of placing your order.


Why is Aldous the best option for blue light glasses?


We have a full service optical store and  have been selling them in-store for years. Longer than other websites have been around.

We specialize in computer glasses and offer many different types. From custom readers, traditional readers in hard to find sizes, and regular computer glasses.




Prescription FAQ'S



Do you sell computer glasses in prescription?


Yes! Just look choose the "Rx" option on the menu. At Aldous, you're able customize your computer glasses experience. Whether you need readers, prescription or plain glasses for computer use, we do it all. 


What if my prescription doesn’t work?

We offer 45 days from the purchase date for any returns, exchanges or refunds.


How do I measure myself?

There are many ways to take your own pupil distance. The most accurate is to put on your current glasses and have a friend dot where your pupils are. Then, take a ruler and measure the distance between the lenses (using millimeters). If you like, you can take a picture of your dots and send them along with your Rx and we can double check it before we make them.


What if I have a really bad prescription?


We are able to make computer glasses in any prescription. However, we will only fulfill the most difficult prescriptions in-store. Due to the preciseness of measurements and lens options, we will not make certain prescriptions. Upon receiving your prescription we will contact you if there are any issues. If you have a difficult prescription, we will take extra care with your measurements and recommend a specialty lens (trivex or hi index 1.67) and there will be an additional charge of $59.


Can I make my computer glasses in a bifocal?

Currently we only fulfill computer bifocal prescriptions in-store. However, we will soon offer this option online.


I have progressive bifocals but my doctor gave me a prescription for computer glasses. What does that mean?

Doctors will often write a prescription specifically for computer glasses. There is a formula that doctors and opticians use that adjusts your reading prescription into computer glasses.  These are meant to be used at your computer only, and they are amazing.


Can Aldous adjust my bifocal prescription into computer glasses?

Yes we can. All we need is your prescription and we will customize your glasses for computer use. Trust us when we say that you’ll love them!


Anything we missed? Please send an email to with the subject in the header and we will respond promptly. Please leave a phone number and a time window if you'd prefer to be called. Thank you!