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Let's get right into it, there can be a lot of confusion about what computer glasses are. At Aldous, we offer several different types computer glasses and we'd like to clarify the 3 types that are available on our site.


3 main types of computer glasses.


Non prescription- blue light protection only.

Glasses without any lens correction, only blue light protection. These are commonly found on the internet and are recommended for heavy computer use. They will greatly reduce symptoms of digital eyestrain and can be found in the “Readers” section of the site and choose “none” as your reading power.


Computer reading glasses:

Traditional reading glasses with optical quality blue light reducing lenses. Computer readers are very common for people that don’t need a prescription but have trouble reading.


At Aldous, you will be able to customize your power by choosing from the “Reading Power” section of the product page. We suggest using the same power as your regular readers or slightly less for computer use.

Prescription computer glasses

There are 2 main types of computer prescription glasses we sell at Aldous. 

1. Regular RX

Traditional prescription glasses with our anti blue light lenses. Prescription computer glasses are great if you’re using computers for extended periods of time, or if you are experiencing general light sensitivity.


2. Customized Computer Reader 

Customized computer readers are made for people that use bifocals but need glasses specifically for computer use.

It is a special prescription that is usually written by your doctor using a formula from your bifocal RX. We can use the formula to find the computer prescription ourselves, but we do prefer that your doctor supplies the prescription.

Both types of prescription computer glasses are ordered the same way through the product page. 

Any questions? Please contact us and we will respond quickly.